Jett Green
Pronunciation: HAM-and-ur or ham-AND-ur
Year of Birth: 2223
Year of Death: 1422 (supposed)
Gender: Male
Race: Lyrian Elf (Nightwing Tribe)
Occupation: Elven Lord
Powers: Strength and healing
Other names: Hamandar Nightwing

Jett Green (also Hamandar Nightwing) is one of the Seven Elven Lords. During his 13 years on earth, he was a famous young football player and the adoptive son of Austin Green and Hazel Green. He enjoyed motocross racing and doing stunts on large hills. While doing a trick on a monster-sized hill, Jett crashed and broke nearly every bone in his body. But thanks to his inherited instantaneous healing power, he recovered quickly. He also has unmatched strength.

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